Ciriselsa LIFE covers both conventional Life Products and "Investment" type products. Moreover, the software covers both "Individual" Policies and "Group" Policies.

The architecture is the same as the architecture of Ciriselsa P&C :

  • The software is Multilingual, with Multiple Alphabets and Multiple Currencies.
  • It is developed with the same screen dialog standards as well as the same technical environment as Ciriselsa P&C.
  • Many modules share common processes (Client and Third Party Management, Accounting Generation, etc ...)


Ciriselsa LIFE covers the entire life cycle of the LIFE Insurance contract :


  • Proposal and transformation of the proposal into Policy,
  • Management of Individual-Policies and Group Policies, with Import and Export of Group beneficiaries,
  • Free Cover Limit management, medical exams per member, ...
  • Management of mortality tables and associated rating Algorithms ("plug-in processes" also called "value generators" programmable without interfering with the core)
  • Claims Management
  • Reinsurance Management
  • Generation of Accounting Entries
  • Calculation of actuarial reserves
  • etc ....