I.C.B.S. banking solution (Integrated Computerized Banking System) is the result of a close collaboration of more than two decades between bankers and computer specialists; it consists of two main parts :

  • I.C.B.S. COUNTER allows the management of all operations of a banking agency (save international operations).
  • I.C.B.S. INTERNATIONAL handles specifically the management of the bank's international department thru complete automation of all operations (client and interbank operations).


ICBS Leaflet


A security system allows control

of all the I.C.B.S. functionalities: defining authorization profiles per user group, then refining special authorizations for individual users, checking functional authorizations against input value authorizations (Amounts, rates ...). Finally an Audit trail for every executed operation allows to restitute all the information identifying each operation.

The ergonomic design

of the workstation appears in the customization of the menus and associated texts, the availability of online help windows for every data item on the screen (list of values or textual help), and finally thru a dialogue standard allowing after minimal training on the workstation to 'find one's way' thru new and seldom used functions.

The international aspect

of the software appears in its ability to handle both multilingual and multi-alphabet requirements (particularly non-Latin alphabets like Arabic). This translates into multilingual user dialogues (Screens, Messages, Help, the possibility to input nominative information in two languages), but also multilingual output (like Advices) which can include two languages depending on the language of the addressee. Another international aspect of I.C.B.S. resides in the fact that it has total multi-currency support (Example: a transfer can be made in Deutch Marks from a US Dollar account while the fees are charged in the local currency). A history of exchange rates allows to dynamically apply the right rate at the right date.

Flexibility, Adaptability, Completeness and Openness are the key words of I.C.B.S. :

I.C.B.S. is based on a referential that stores all reference material of the banking business for Third Parties (Clients, Individuals, Banks, Correspondents, ...) as well as computing modalities (Taxes, Currencies, Calendars, Formulas for calculating commissions with integrated executing conditions, ...). The 'Counter' operations of I.C.B.S. are far from rigid. In fact, I.C.B.S. proposes a banking Operation generator allowing to adapt existing operations as well as to create entirely new ones with their own accounting rules. This concept allows each Bank to apply its own management rules as well as its own organizational modalities in the way it sees fit. All external communications (Advices, Statements of account, Messages to correspondents, Reports to the Central Bank) can be custom designed by the user. I.C.B.S. thus provides the total coverage needed for the management of a banking agency. As the following diagrams will show, all functionalities are managed by a security system, they are based on a referential and flow into accounting. Interfacing with market requirements has already been achieved several times based on each local market and its specificities. Examples include interfacing with A.T.M. , G.A.B, D.A.B , with SWIFT and Telex, with signature verification tools, etc, ...

Technical environment of I.C.B.S. :

I.C.B.S. runs under Windows - Unix - Oracle - Developer